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Capitol Clash 2020 Tournament Registration

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Please note that Individual event START TIMES will not be posted until after the regular registration fee deadline.
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Team Tournament

Team Tournament


Monday, January 20th

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Registration Fee

One Registration Fee is required if you are competing in multiple events. Competitors are required to purchase a Registration Fee along with your Event Fee(s) in order to register for the event. Registration Fees are non-refundable. Event fees are refundable before the regular fee registration deadline.

Capitol Clash HEMA 2020 Event Schedule

Please see below for the day by day tournament registration schedule. Individual event START TIMES will not be scheduled until after the regular registration fee deadline. Tournament events will start sometime between 8am-2pm on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday and in the evening on Friday.

Friday, Jan 17th
Singlestick - Open
Singlestick - Teen
Singlestick - Youth
Longsword - Veteran
Sword & Buckler - Women

Saturday, Jan 18th
Rapier & Dagger - Open
Rapier & Dagger - Teen
Rapier & Dagger - Youth
Longsword - Women
Armored Combat

Sunday, Jan 19th
Longsword - Open
Longsword - Teen
Longsword - Youth
Sword & Buckler - Veteran
Rapier & Dagger - Women
Target Cutting

Monday, Jan 20th
Sword & Buckler - Open
Sword & Buckler - Teen
Sword & Buckler - Youth
Rapier & Dagger - Veteran
Hemathlon Award
Team Tournament


This year we have new HEMA Workshops which will be announced soon. Please email us with any questions at Thank you!